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[miniatura050] VA - Miniatura 2007-2010 Midnight Row

Miniatura celebrates twice its 3 years anniversary, giving a place to all these different dancefloor approaches, from the most experimental textured approach to the most old schoolish orthodox; always being characterized by our minimalist point of view.
Thanxs to all artists from the crew. Also we want to add an special mention to those who also run netlabels as: Christian Walt (Interdisco, CH), Dr. Nojoke (Unoiki, DE), Seq & Neroh Wassa (Doma, ES), Datatraxx (Tonkultur Berlin, DE), Blurix (Diggarama, CT), Jonathan (Nulabel, ES); also from our previous release: Grifin´(Silicate, FR), D.Soul (Tropic, DE) and Revy (Bleepsequence, US).
Thanxs for your support!

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